Steel Cutting

The right steel cutting in Perth is needed for any type of metalwork, from scrollwork that creates artistic designs to simply guillotine cuts that slice the metal into workable parts. You may be surprised at your options today when it comes to cutting work you can have done, and knowing those options will mean being able to shape and form you metal as needed.

Artistic Metalwork

Artistic metalwork can be used just for artistic reasons; you might add some visual interest to your metal gates or fencing or to outside furniture if you use some scrolling cuts. Metal artwork adds a great flair to modern homes and is timeless and classic while still being updated, and it goes with any type of decor as well. You can also use these types of cuts for your advertising and marketing; use steel cutting in Perth to include your company name, brand name, or logo onto metal you might advertise on your property.

Laser Cuttting

Laser steel cutting in Perth is often the most accurate and typically the most powerful. A laser is simply a concentrated beam of light but because it can be more readily controlled than a steel blade, it can produce a more accurate cut. This may be the best choice for heavy metals that are difficult to control during cutting or for lighter metals that tend to break away when being cut. These are just some of your options for steel cutting in Perth.